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Digital Cellular Radar Monitor

Digital Cellular Radar Monitor

The Centeron Digital Cellular Radar Monitor measures and reports the inventory status of product digital cellular radar monitorin remote storage tanks. It’s battery-powered and completely wireless. Tank data is transmitted directly from the tank to the Centeron Data Center using digital cellular technology. Installation is quick and simple, and the patented scheduling feature lets you set up or revise the tank report schedule from your office. DSSS technology claims indisputable superiority narrow band systems by delivering the most reliable communications and by enabling longer transmission distances. Once data is received from the monitor, it is then sent to a data center for processing. Users are then able to access tank level data on the Internet, so they can make informed business decisions.

Set up:

  • Set up the tank dimensions, measurement schedule, report schedule and alarms from your office. There’s no configuration necessary at the tank site.
  • Lower the float tape into the tank and turn it on. There’s no need to open the monitor to initiate operation.
  • A text message is sent to the installer’s cell phone to confirm system operation, setup parameters, cellular reception strength and inventory on hand so that operation is verified before leaving the site.
  • The monitor has integral 1-1/2″ and 2″ NPT threads to fit most tanks without additional hardware.


  • A level measurement is taken immediately before data transmission so the most up-to-date information is always displayed.
  • Measurements can be scheduled at intervals ranging from once every minute to once per day.
  • The measurement schedule can be revised at any time from your Centeron Data Center account to optimize system performance.
  • Each measurement includes fluid level, battery strength and signal strength.


  • Two set point alarms are used to send an immediate report when the tank level gets below or above the limits that you set. Use them to alert when a delivery or pickup is needed.
  • The monitor reports immediately when any alarm condition is detected.
  • E-mail, fax or text-message alerts can be sent automatically so you are always alerted when a critical condition exists.


  • Schedule tank reports for when you need them.
  • Select from one report per day up to 24 reports per day, or just one report per week.
  • Select the time of day you want to receive your reports.
  • Change the report schedule anytime from your Centeron Data Center account.
  • The monitor reports immediately when any alarm condition occurs.